More Gutting of the Interior

So as we move into the rest of the first floor and the front study and what would have been the living room were covered by a thick pine plank paneling.  The kind of plank you might find in an Adirondack or beach house.  Very cool looking.  All of the large opening door jams were covered with additional 70’s style paneling and small doors were installed to produce private offices.

The dining room’s large opening was covered with a thin paneling on one side and the pine paneling in the Living room.  We were hoping we would find pocket doors when we removed the covering but we did not.

As the pine paneling came down we found that the plaster walls were mostly crumbling as well.  The crown jewel was the woodwork on the walls and coffered ceilings in the dining room.  My goal was to preserve the original look and feel of the home while modernizing the technology and its function.

Brian Kenny and his team did a tremendous job of preserving the bones of the house.  Take a look at the demolition.